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Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Farms

All our trees are related. It is part of the tradition of our ‘ohana. We take seeds from our most productive trees on our Ali’i Gardens Farm and plant them in our nursery. From the first planting in rich soil to the final roasted coffee bean, they become ‘ohana – one family.

Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee is distinctive and unique. It is not just a pure arabica coffee, but a type of arabica bean known as Kona typica. Kona typica arabica is a subtle and delicate bean, which requires great care during harvesting, processing,and roasting to ensure that all of its wonderful characteristics are preserved for the enjoyment of the true coffee connoisseur.

With the Big Island of Hawai’i being one of the most remote places on earth, situated in the Pacific Ocean, Kona has one of the purest environments in the world for growing coffee. The soils of Hawai’i, being a volcanic island, are extremely rich. The sub-tropical climate, combined with our cultivation philosophy, creates an unforgettable coffee that is known around the world.