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The heart of our farms is the Ali’i (“royal”) Gardens Farm. This 21-acre farm is situated along an elevation of 1600-1900 feet. Planted in the early 1950’s by the Abellera Family, our coffee is shade-grown under macadamia nut trees that are now over 40 feet tall.

Ali’i Gardens has an amazing variety of trees. Lychee, peach (very unusual to find), banana, cherimoya, avocado, tangerine, and jack fruit are abundant. We have more than twenty 60-year old coconut palms standing tall over wildlife that roams freely under these trees. Often seen are ring-neck and chinese pheasant, peacocks, wild turkey, hawks, owls and morning doves. They are welcome on our farms and protected as they wander onto the neighboring farms. Ali’i Gardens Farm is bordered on the north and west by the Native Hawaiian Plant Conservation Farm, which has hundreds of species of flowers and native Hawaiian ornamental plants.

Ali’i Gardens Farm
Ali’i Gardens Farm (photo © Vicki Clark Gourley)
This is the farm where we select seed for our nursery. All of our new plants come from this ‘ohana coffee farm. The original Abellera farmhouse still stands on the property, and is occupied by some of our farm family.

Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Profile

All of our coffee is grown and processed to the highest possible standards. This delicate bean has a good intensity and elegant aroma that is extraordinary. Our signature medium-dark roast turns the aroma chocolatey with low-toned vanilla notes. Each cup has a smooth body with a fine balance of acidity and roast taste, providing an exceptional flavor.

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