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This is our original coffee farm. It is located at the end of Bamboo Road one mile above the historic coffee town of Captain Cook. It has the desirable elevation for growing coffee — 2100 to 2300 feet above sea level. The volcanic soil is very rich and deep. The nearly 4,000 special trees on this 3½ acre farm enjoy rainfall and almost daily afternoon mist and fog as their only source of water — perfect for coffee. These trees consistently produce a very high yield of cherry coffee beans.

Also on the farm – avocado trees, apples, bananas, orchids, citrus and Norfolk Island Pines.

Bamboo Road Farm
Bamboo Road Farm (photo © Vicki Clark Gourley)

Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Profile

All of our coffee is grown and processed to the highest possible standards. This delicate bean has a good intensity and elegant aroma that is extraordinary. Our signature medium-dark roast turns the aroma chocolatey with low-toned vanilla notes. Each cup has a smooth body with a fine balance of acidity and roast taste, providing an exceptional flavor.

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