The best cup of coffee starts with high-quality coffee beans like 100% Kona Coffee. But when you don’t sip your high-quality coffee while it is fresh, you cannot taste their original, authentic tang. It is never the same as freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed coffee. Don’t strip yourself of experiencing the best out of your coffee just because of your wrong way of storing your coffee beans.

All the flavors and spices of coffee beans emerge during the roasting process. And as soon as coffee beans are out of the roasting machine, it begins to lose its freshness because it becomes exposed to the environment. So, to get a whiff of freshly roasted coffee every day, proper storage is the key. In this way, you can preserve its nutty, fruity aroma and taste its clean, light, sweet flavor until the last sip. 

Take on these tips on how you can store your coffee beans to prolong their freshness.

Know the Enemies

The environment contains different elements that do not go well with the coffee’s components. Knowing these, you can apply preventive measures and protect your beans from these items.


Oxygen is the biggest enemy of coffee beans when it comes to keeping it fresh because it starts the oxidation process. The coffee beans comprise various chemicals, oils, and acids. These compounds give coffee its flavor, and when it comes to contact with the air, oxidation starts, and unfortunately, it degrades the aromatic components and makes the coffee stale. Think of a sliced apple that has been untouched for a couple of minutes. It quickly turns brown when exposed to air. The same occurs in coffee, particularly after grinding. In just a matter of days, your coffee can go south when not stored the right way and if the coffee beans are always in contact with air.


Every coffee producer has an instrument that measures the coffee bean’s moisture level to keep it at bay. From the coffee bean’s drying phase to the roasting stage, the moisture level is gradually diminished. In the drying phase, the farmers aim to decrease the moisture level, and during the roasting stage, one of the goals is to extract every last bit of moisture present in the coffee beans. This is because moisture affects the taste and quality of the coffee beans. It might cause molds and defects. High levels of humidity in your environment can also cause your coffee to become awful. So store your coffee beans in a dry place and air-tight container.


Coffee beans are perishable products. The way you store your food products should also be how you keep your coffee beans. Exposure to heat can accelerate the oxidation process and lead to the loss of the coffee’s unique flavor and spice. Besides keeping it away from the sun’s heat, you must also put your coffee beans away from appliances giving off heat, or any heat-emitting devices.


Light causes a fast reaction to the chemicals present in the coffee beans. In a minute or two of direct sunlight, a batch of beans can go stale. It is ideal for you to store your coffee beans in an opaque container where the light cannot penetrate. Even if sun rays are not directly hitting your coffee beans, UV rays can still pass through and damage your premium coffee beans and your cup of joe in the mornings.


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The containers that you use are essential in keeping your coffee beans. It can either keep your beans in their best condition or degrade their quality as time pass by. When choosing the best containers, you have to consider some qualities to maximize the coffee beans.

First, pick non-reactive containers like glass, ceramic, or non-reactive metals. These materials prevent the transmission of any unwanted odor and flavor. The second is it should have an air-tight mechanism. To block the entrance of oxygen and the emission of coffee’s aroma, be sure to choose an air-tight lid container. You might also want to invest in a vacuum canister where the air is withdrawn from the container, ensuring no oxygen is present inside.

And lastly, choose an opaque canister. As stated, it hinders light that decreases the quality of coffee beans. Though coffee beans in clear containers placed on a countertop are pleasing to the eyes, their flavors disappear faster than coffee beans on an opaque container. But, if you opt for transparent ones, be sure to store them not on your kitchen window but in a dry, cool place.

Best Locations in Your Home

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Avoid freezing or putting your coffee beans in the fridge. As mentioned above, coffee is another type of food, and it is not to be stored in a hot place. But this does not mean that freezing or putting it in a fridge is a good idea. Consider frozen fish and fresh fish. Don’t they taste different? The same is true for coffee. Freshness is always the best choice when it comes to food.

Freezing your coffee beans is not advisable since one of the things you want to avoid is moisture. Once you pull out your beans on the fridge, the sudden temperature shift can cause condensation. Plus, coffee beans are porous, meaning they absorb odors and flavors well. You won’t want to drink a cup of joe with a hint of garlic and onions.

Find a shady, dark, cool location to store your premium coffee beans, like Kona Coffee. You would want to make the most out of your bucks in buying your Kona coffee, so stash it well and preserve its flavor, aroma, and freshness. Don’t place it beside the oven or any heat sources. On your pantry area, be sure that it is not right opposite your window. In the cupboard, be clear that when you open it, sunlight will not be welcomed.

Buy Whole Coffee Beans

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When it comes to storage, ground coffee beans are more vulnerable. Ground coffee beans have more surface area exposed, increasing their chances of being stale. Another is that ground coffee beans emit their aroma, flavor, and oils as soon as they are ground. Some people say that in a few days, ground coffee loses its flavor. It does save you extra minutes, especially when you are late in the morning. However, it would not be as good if you grind it before you brew. So we recommend buying whole coffee beans and grind them at home. The extra effort you pour in will result in a better cup of coffee. Besides, the sound of grinding coffee beans can also be therapeutic and make your mornings extra special.

Green or Raw Coffee Beans

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You can keep your coffee beans fresh a step further by purchasing green coffee beans and learning how to roast. Unroasted coffee beans can retain their freshness, flavor, and quality for up to 1 year. Since roasting the beans releases all its flavors and aroma, it gives you the chance to explore and get the taste you want out of your coffee beans. But knowing how to roast them correctly is another factor that you have to discover.

Knowing where and how to store your coffee beans to keep them as fresh as possible is not a secret. However, hoarding them properly and buying a fair quantity can go a long way. Because as time progress, more of the beneficial properties of coffee will vanish, and everything will eventually go to waste.

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