What Makes Kona Coffee Unique?

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Do you love having a good cup of coffee in the morning? You may have heard about Kona coffee from Hawaii. If you are wondering what makes Kona Coffee unique, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to know more information, keep reading below to find out.

Kona Coffee is a well-known coffee around the world and is quite rare because it is only grown on the slopes of two volcanoes in Hawaii. Kona Coffee is grown in ideal growing conditions for coffee trees, as it is a high altitude area with porous and mineral-rich volcanic soil. The local temperatures stay at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes for a unique taste that cannot be found in other coffee blends in the world.

What Makes Kona Coffee Unique?

Buy Authentic Kona Coffee

When buying Kona Coffee, always remember to buy one that has a one hundred percent Kona Coffee label. Other variants are available in the market, but some of them may include a blend of other coffee beans such as a Brazilian and Colombian blend to create a less expensive version of Kona Coffee. These cheaper blends make for more commercial accessibility since pure Kona Coffee beans can be expensive.

Most blends usually contain ten percent Kona Coffee so there is a big possibility that an individual will not be able to distinguish the taste of the smaller percentage of Kona Coffee beans mixed with the other coffee blends. Beware of products that have Kona Style or Kona Roast labels, as this only means that they are blends and not pure Kona Coffee. If you want to enjoy authentic Kona Coffee, you must look for one hundred percent Kona Coffee label on the packaging.

Buy Authentic Kona Coffee

  • Kona Coffee is rare. It comes from the Kona district of Hawaii.
  • Kona Coffee accounts for about 1% of the world’s coffee supply.
  • Coffee cherry borer pests often attack Kona bean crops, which affects the supply, while the demand for pure Kona Coffee remains high.
  • Labor costs affect the cost of the coffee beans as they need to be harvested by hand to reach peak ripeness, which is essential to the coffee’s unique flavor and taste.
  • Pure Kona Coffee is quite different from all the Kona blends available in the market. Kona coffee blends mean it consists of about ten percent Kona Coffee, while the majority of the blend consists of coffee beans from any origin. Manufacturers will often use cheap coffee beans to offset the expensive price of Kona coffee beans. So if you can, make sure to avoid Kona Coffee blends because you will not be able to enjoy the real flavor and richness of what real Kona Coffee has to offer.
Why is Kona Coffee Expensive?

Where Can I Purchase Authentic Kona Coffee?

You can now purchase pure Kona Coffee online, direct from a coffee farm. If you want a trustworthy company that offers pure, authentic Kona Coffee, you must check out Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Company. Make sure to check out our website for more information and the rest of our products. Go ahead and treat yourself to a rich and flavorful cup of coffee, and buy pure Kona Coffee from us. You can take a look at our available products here. You can also contact us by filling up this contact form.

You must only look for labels like 100% Kona Coffee, Estate-Grown, Single Origin, and Single-Sourced. The coffee beans must be sourced from the Kona district of Hawaii. Avoid Kona Coffee with labels like Kona Blend, Kona Roast, Kona Style, and coffee beans that are sourced outside the Kona district, as well as Low HDA grades of Kona Coffee.

Paul Sterling started coffee farming in 1999. He developed coffee farms in Kona, and he decided to turn these farms into family-run plantations that help preserve the identity of each farm while protecting great traditions that give the Kona coffee a wonderful and rich coffee taste and flavor.

Our coffees are subjected to strict quality control. We only harvest and pick the optimum red cherry which allows us to maintain consistent high-quality coffee ready to be served to our customers. We also use an advanced technology that helps us minimize environmental impact and at the same time, we use a specially designed USA built roaster.

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