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All coffee produced by Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Company is subjected to the most rigorous quality control. During the harvest season, only the optimum red cherry is hand-picked and carried through the processing steps we employ. This results in consistently high quality coffee ready to be delivered to you.

In keeping with our desire to produce the finest quality gourmet coffee while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact on the land, we utilize advanced technology to prepare the beans for their ultimate destination. The coffee cherry is sent through a low-water pulping process and a specialized drying facility. The resulting parchment/green bean coffee is placed in climate-controlled storage. This ecological wet mill processing significantly reduces pollution due to pulp and waste water runoff, and greatly reduces water usage. Compared with the typical hydro-pulped and fermented coffees, there is no detrimental effect on the the coffee cupping quality with the added benefits from process improvement using technology.

Our Quality Commitment
Dr. Paulo’s Green Bean Coffee

Roasting Specifications

Each crop is unique, and therefore requires very specific roasting. Moisture content, current weather conditions, and age of the bean all affect roasting temperature. Our coffee is roasted in an especially designed USA-built roaster. The stainless steel drum roaster employs digital, solid state programmable temperature and timing controls. Too long at too low of a temperature will yield a flat, underdeveloped taste. Too short a time at too high of a temperature makes for an indistinct burned flavor. The advanced technology features give us the ability to provide you with a consistent roast according to your exact specifications,

Once the coffee is roasted, it is immediately packaged to protect it from oxygen, water and sunlight, all of which can alter the taste. We then send the bags to you for delivery within 2 to 3 days to ensure the maximum possible freshness once reaching your doorstep.