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We started this farm by removal of all unwanted vegetation (grubbing) so the contour of the land was not changed. The nine acres of the farm are at an elevation of 1400 feet. The coffee (about 8,000 plants) is planted in virgin soil and is not shade grown. All plants were started with seed from our Ali’i Gardens Farm.

The tree that gives this farm its name is our Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. It is native to Papua New Guinea, but has naturalized throughout much of the South Pacific, parts of southeast Asia and tropical Australia. The rainbow eucalyptus is a very fast growing tree that will reach 100 feet or more in height. It is commonly planted as an ornamental street tree in tropical regions for its beautiful bark and stately appearance. The bark has colors of red, pink, blue, gray and green that continually peels off. This particular tree has long been know by the locals as the “painted tree”.

Painted Tree Farm
Painted Tree Farm (photo © Carol Sander)
Among the other trees growing on this farm, there are banyan, ohia, banana, coconut palm, and a 100-year old mango tree that was called home by hippie families of the 1960’s and ’70’s. Some of the plywood platforms used then are still in the tree.

Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Profile

All of our coffee is grown and processed to the highest possible standards. This delicate bean has a good intensity and elegant aroma that is extraordinary. Our signature medium-dark roast turns the aroma chocolatey with low-toned vanilla notes. Each cup has a smooth body with a fine balance of acidity and roast taste, providing an exceptional flavor.

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