Macadamia Nuts

If you didn’t already know. Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii has been a brand of Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Farms since 2009. To simplify things we are using the Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii brand to sell all of Dr. Paulo’s NonGMO macadamia nuts whether you buy them here or from Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii either way you are going to experience the world’s finest macadamia nuts from right here in Hawaii USA!
Although life is full of choices and you could choose to purchase your macadamia nuts from a retail location or a big name internet company that resells macadamia nuts purchased from far away places like Australia and South Africa rather then purchasing fresh farm direct NonGMO macadamia nuts from Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Farms and Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii.
We only process what we need each week so we do not carry an inventory of macadamia nuts. When you order from us you get freshly cracked and dehydrated macadamia nuts, not something that has been sitting in a warehouse or a hot shipping container while it sails across the ocean.
Our fresh farm direct macadamia nuts are a perfect addition to any plant based diet, gluten free diet or anyone that wants to improve their diet or just enjoy a healthy snack.
Please compare our prices and quality to the big name macadamia nut sellers like Amazon and and you will see the benefit of having your FRESH FARM DIRECT NONGMO MACADAMIA NUTS shipped directly to you from the farm that grows them in Hawaii USA!

Mahalo for supporting the small farmers of America!

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