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Located on the “Old Government Road”, the original one way road for the North and South Kona Districts, we gave it this name due to the very rocky soil surface. This is the only farm that we are able to water through a drip irrigation system, which is necessary 4-5 times per year. We have planted coffee on six acres and will continue to plant under our macadamia nut trees on this 21-acre farm. Additional trees include mango, orange, lemon, avocado, and banana. This farm is at an elevation ranging from 700-1000 feet and has a unique history.

Found under vegetation on this farm were ruins of foundations of old buildings. The state archeological specialist in our area told us these ruins are the remains of an old farm house and out buildings — old but not ancient Hawaiian. Due to this discovery though, we are leaving the area intact.

Rock Bottom Road Farm
A view from Rock Bottom Road Farm. (photo © Vicki Clark Gourley)
Our nursery is located on this farm. We try to start about 12,000 to 15,000 coffee seedlings annually for planting on all of our farms the next year.

Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Profile

All of our coffee is grown and processed to the highest possible standards. This delicate bean has a good intensity and elegant aroma that is extraordinary. Our signature medium-dark roast turns the aroma chocolatey with low-toned vanilla notes. Each cup has a smooth body with a fine balance of acidity and roast taste, providing an exceptional flavor.

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