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Turkey Ridge Farm consists of 20 acres and was planted in early 1950’s by George Fujino. It is the 2nd oldest of the Dr. Paulo ‘ohana farms. Fifteen acres are dominated by macadamia nut trees with coffee planted in their shade. Five thousand trees grow on this farm at an elevation ranging from 1200 to 2000 feet, and we will continue to plant coffee. The highest four acres of virgin soil is being prepared for a special coffee planting in 2006. This area of the farm has an outstanding view of the coastline, including the Captain Cook monument at Kealakekua Bay and Pu’uhonua O Honaunau (City of Refuge).

More than twenty wild turkeys continuously meander through the trees each day along with Chinese and ring-neck pheasant, peacocks, owls and hawks, morning doves and cardinals. Trees of interest grown on the Turkey Ridge Farm are five large mango trees that are at least eighty years old, and over fifty ohia trees that are more than fifty feet tall.

The east side of the farm is bordered by a native ohia forest. This area has never been cleared.

Turkey Ridge Farm
Turkey Ridge Farm (photo © Vicki Clark Gourley)

Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee Profile

All of our coffee is grown and processed to the highest possible standards. This delicate bean has a good intensity and elegant aroma that is extraordinary. Our signature medium-dark roast turns the aroma chocolatey with low-toned vanilla notes. Each cup has a smooth body with a fine balance of acidity and roast taste, providing an exceptional flavor.

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