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Aloha my fellow coffee connoisseurs,

Ali'i Gardens Farm (photo © Vicki Clark Gourley)

Ali’i Gardens Farm
(photo © Vicki Clark Gourley)

Mahalo for taking the time to visit us at Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Farms!  I am sitting here smelling the elegant aroma of Kona coffee as the steam rises from my freshly brewed cup of Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee.  I am thinking about what I want to say to my new family members.  I could bedazzle you with why Kona is the finest coffee in the world and why you should experience the flavor of Dr. Paulo’s NonGMO 100% Kona Coffee and why you should drop 3 of Dr. Paulo’s NonGMO Belgian Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans into your piping hot cup of Dr. Paulo’s Kona Coffee and watch the beautiful Belgian dark chocolate melt before you experience your evening delicacy.  Instead I would rather you experience it for yourself with our world class Kona coffee, beautiful handmade Belgian Chocolate confections and the finest NonGMO macadamia nuts Hawaii has to offer.

dsc_0708When this happens you will be an official member of our exclusive Kona coffee and macadamia nut family.  This membership places you at the front of the line to receive your portion of our farm direct NonGMO Kona Coffee and our farm direct NonGMO macadamia nuts.

Our mission is to eliminate the middleman and sell all of our products to you and the rest of our family because we believe everyone should have a true farm to cup and farm to fork experience with their food whenever possible.

We currently sell the majority of our 100% Kona coffee to the big Kona coffee operations in Hawaii and they turn around and resell it under their brand.  A large portion of our macadamia nuts are sold in bulk and resold under other brands as well.

We feel we can better serve you the consumer and provide you a lower price, superior quality and customer service when you buy your 100% Kona coffee and macadamia nuts directly from us, the source.

dsc_0715We don’t want you to be just another customer like you are with the big companies. We want you to be a member of the family.  I want to hear from you! I want to be your personal coffee roaster.  If you don’t want to order over the internet, I will set up an account for you and you can call, text or email me what you want (Doug Sterling 808-333-1959 cell).

Please check out the rest of our site and learn more about our process, products and sign up for our monthly email (just once a month, I won’t spam you).  In that email we will send exclusive monthly specials for opportunities to save big on Kona Coffee, macadamia nuts and handmade Belgian chocolate confections.  We will also send out a monthly video and/or pictures that will feature an inside look into Hawaii Life and the Kona coffee and macadamia nut industry.

We appreciate your business and thank you for supporting the small farmers of America!